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Vehicle OEMs must meet lower CO2 emission standards while increasing vehicle features and performance to remain competitive. This significant challenge is being met with vehicle electrification which is changing the power delivery networks within pure electric (EV), hybrid electric (HEV), and internal combustion vehicles (ICV). The addition of higher voltage batteries such as 48V, 400V and 800V to meet the increased power requirements has, in turn, increased the complexity of power delivery architectures and placed new demands on the size and weight of the vehicle’s power converters and regulators for battery charging, power conversion and power delivery.


Charging electric vehicles with either 400V or 800V batteries from any charging station


Converting high voltage and high power batteries to new 48V systems and 12V legacy loads with high density, low weight converters 


New 48V based power delivery to legacy 12V loads and new drive, steer and brake by wire high power systems



Vicorの電源モジュールを組合わせて電力供給システムを設計することで、性能、柔軟性、スケーラビリティを、従来にない高いレベルで実現できます。 Vicorは、配電アーキテクチャ、電力変換技術、制御システム、パッケージング技術について最先端の技術を持っており、業界最高クラスの電力密度と高効率のソリューションで、電動化の課題を解決します。

The benefits of modular power











Vicor automotive power solutions


With 400V and 800V based charging stations being deployed, vehicle compatibility with any station requires simple and efficient conversion between the two voltages. The NBM6123 provides 6kW of 400V and 800V fixed-ratio conversion in a 63 x 23mm CM-ChiP package, enabling a high-efficiency and high-density scalable solution for battery-to-charger station compatibility. The bidirectional capability of the NBM6123 allows the same module to be used for either step-up or step-down conversion. In addition, the NBM6123 can also be used to provide a 400V source for air conditioning and cabin electronics during 800V charging, minimizing battery balancing circuitry.

Vicor automotive charging solutions
NBM6123 CM-ChiP


出力電流: 15A @400V, 7.5A @800V

変換効率: 99.3% peak, 98.8% full load

61 x 23 x 7.4mm


Converting a vehicle's primary high power HV battery with traditional solutions creates significant weight and space demands within the vehicle. In addition to the converter itself, a secondary, intermediate battery can also be required. The BCM6135 modules enable standard 800V and 400V batteries to be integrated into 48V power delivery networks reducing weight and space consumption. In addition, the BCM6135 provides bidirectional power conversion and fast transient response, eliminating intermediate energy storage at 48V. The BCM6135 can virtualize the HV battery to look like a 48V battery within the system.

Vicor automotive conversion solutions
BCM6135 SM-Chip

400V BCM6135

入力電圧: 260 – 410V

出力電圧: 32.5 – 51.3V

出力電流: 最大65A

61 x 35 x 7.4mm

BCM6135 SM-Chip

900V BCM6135

入力電圧: 520 – 920V

出力電圧: 32.5 – 57.5V

出力電流: 最大80A

61 x 35 x 7.4mm

BCM6135 SM-Chip

1200V BCM6135

入力電圧: 780 – 1,200V

出力電圧: 32.5 – 50.0V

出力電流: 最大80A

61 x 35 x 7.4mm


New 48V based power delivery networks need to support legacy 12V loads with increased power requirements and new drive, steer and brake-by-wire high power systems. Providing increased power at 48V with a growing number of loads requires high-density modules versus larger and bulkier discrete solutions. Vicor offers several modules for power delivery from 48V. These devices include fixed ratio and regulated converter solutions that support both 48V and 12V loads. These converters can be contained in a single housing, or be deployed throughout the vehicle leveraging a smaller and lighter 48V power distribution network. DCM and PRM modules provide 48V to 12V and 48V to 48V regulated outputs, respectively. The NBM provides either 48V to 12V or 12V to 48V bidirectional, fixed ratio conversion. 

Vicor automotive delivery solutions
DCM3717 SM-Chip


入力電圧: 36 – 60V

出力電圧: 13 – 15.5V

出力電流: 最大750W

37 x 17 x 7.4mm

NBM2317 SM-Chip


入力電圧: 36 – 60V

出力電圧: 7.2 – 15.3V

出力電流: 1kW

22.8 x 17.3 x 7.4mm

PRM3735 SM-Chip


入力電圧: 31 – 58V 

出力電圧: 36 – 54V

出力電流: 2.5kW

36.6 x 35.4 x 7.4mm