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Vicor Power-on-Package技術
高性能プロセッサとAI向けASICへ給電する48V - PoLレギュレータを革新 動画を見る


Vicor Power-on-Package テクノロジーは、CPUやGPU(またはXPU)に課せられた課題を、「最後の1インチ」による外部の大電流供給によって克服することで、パフォーマンスを向上させ、マザーボードの設計を単純化するだけではありません。これにより、XPUは、人工知能などの高性能アプリケーションを実現するために必要不可能な以前はできなかった性能のレベルを達成ることができます。

Benefits of Power-on-Package

Power-on-Package の特長

Power delivery

高効率、1000A以上の 大電流





Power-on-Package は、これまで実現できなかった何百アンペアという定格電流を









In response to ever-increasing demands within the cloud for high-performance applications, such as big data mining and artificial intelligence with its machine learning and deep learning applications, processor operating currents have risen to many hundreds of amperes. The remaining short distance PDN to the processor – the “last inch” – consisting of the motherboard power plane and interconnects within the processor socket, has become a limiting factor in processor performance and total system efficiency.


Vicor customer peak CPU/GPU current


Conventional VRs



Low density prohibits close proximity to processor


Density challenge increases with higher currents


Additional phases for higher currents creates phase imbalance


High switching frequency noise

Power distribution loss from the VR to the processor, the last inch

power loss
Efficiency loss chart

Vicor technology eliminates the “last inch”

Factorized Power Architecture (FPA) replaces conventional multiphase regulators and achieves higher density and power system efficiency 

FPA factorizes power conversion into separate regulation and transformation functions that can be individually optimized to maximize performance. The regulation module can be placed at any location on the motherboard while the critical current delivery module the current multiplier is optimized for density, efficiency and low noise and can be placed in extremely close proximity to the processor. Current multipliers are capable of delivering a high current of greater than 1000 Amps and enable a 50X reduction in PDN resistance. Depending on processor currents, Vicor offers both lateral and vertical factorized power options.

Factorized power regulation and transformation stages

Factorized power

High-current multiplication next to the processor

Factorized power to processor

Power-on-Package solutions

Lateral Power Delivery (LPD)

High-current delivery is provided via MCM (Modular Current Multiplier) modules that are placed adjacent to the processor either on the motherboard or on the processor substrate. Placement of MCMs on the substrate minimizes PDN losses and reduces the number of processor substrate BGA pins required for power.

Lateral Power Delivery
lateral power

Vertical Power Delivery (VPD)

For extremely high processor currents, VPD reduces PDN resistance by a further 10X over LPD by placing the current multiplier module directly underneath the processor.  Delivering power vertically has the added advantage of opening up the topside PCB board area for high speed I/O and memory. VPD utilizes similar current multipliers to the Vicor LPD solution but integrates the high-frequency bypass capacitance typically placed beneath the processor into the gearbox package attached to the MCM. The gearbox also enables the necessary change in pitch from the MCM’s output pins to the processor’s power pins and its output power pins are also matched to the power map of the processor or ASIC to maximize performance.  

Vertical Power Delivery
Vicor Power-on-Package Vertical Power Delivery

See how Gyoukou, the ExaScaler/PEZY ZettaScaler-2.2 liquid immersion cooling supercomputer leverages Power-on-Package


Power-on-Package diagram