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C-Power case study

Harnessing ocean waves to power remote marine applications

C-Power provides reliable, cost-effective ocean wave energy generation and storage as well as data and communication services for offshore applications. Learn more.

VideoRay case study

Modular ROVs quickly adapt to today’s most risky underwater missions

VideoRay tethered, underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are used for today’s toughest aquatic missions, from mine countermeasures to port security and surveillance. Learn more.

Doosan case study

First commercialized hydrogen fuel cell power pack for UAVs

Doosan Mobility Innovation has developed world’s first commercialized hydrogen fuel cell power pack that delivers 4x the energy of battery power. Learn more.

Delta Motorsports case study

World’s first major touring car championship goes hybrid

A new hybrid design features an innovative, ultra-lightweight, 48V lithium-ion-based battery pack and intelligent power management system designed by Delta Motorsport. Learn more.

DragonFly case study

New class of tethered drones revolutionizes remote communications

Dragonfly Picture’s tethered helicopter drones are an essential element for today’s communication and surveillance that can extend maritime radio line of sight from 8 to 30 miles. Learn more.

Ccell case study

Combating coastal erosion by restoring and growing new coral reefs rapidly

Leveraging renewable energy and precision power, CCell’s revolutionary technology accelerates coral reef growth exponentially. Learn more.

Phasor case study

Achieving breakthrough wireless broadband speeds and connectivity 

To achieve unmatched wireless connectivity, Phasor Solutions relies on power that can deliver extremely high current at very low voltage. Learn more.

WiBotic case study

Driving the next generation of robotic autonomy

WiBotic provides wireless charging solutions that support the rapidly growing ecosystem of aerial, mobile, marine and industrial robots. Learn more.

Ampaire case study

Powering air travel with eco-friendly, high-efficiency electric systems

Ampaire’s hybrid electric power delivers a quieter, more energy-efficient experience that reduces fuel costs, maintenance and emissions. Learn more.