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World changing innovation

Vicor customers are changing the world with their innovative technologies. From remote underwater marine life applications to above the clouds aviation and artificial intelligence, Vicor is powering their innovations.

World’s first major touring car championship goes hybrid

In 2022, for the first time, the annual British Touring Car Championship, which attracts the world’s highest performance vehicles, will allow those vehicles to use a new hybrid engine to provide drivers rapid acceleration. The new hybrid design features an innovative, ultra-lightweight, 48V lithium-ion-based battery pack and intelligent power management system designed by Delta Motorsport. Learn more.

DragonFly UAV

New class of tethered helicopter drones revolutionizes remote communications

Tethered multirotor drones are designed to track and follow mobile host platforms including ships, trucks and other unmanned surface/ground vehicles under the most extreme weather conditions. Dragonfly Picture’s hover-in-place tethered drones are an essential element for today’s communication and surveillance that can extend maritime radio line of sight from 8 miles to up to 30 miles. Learn more.

Combating coastal erosion by restoring and growing new coral reefs rapidly

Eroding reefs and coastlines are jeopardizing communities. CCell is responding with revolutionary technology that accelerates reef growth exponentially. Leveraging renewable energy and precision power, the CCell reef growing system can stimulate electrolysis and rapidly propagate reefs. Learn more.

Phasor communications

Achieving breakthrough wireless broadband speeds and connectivity 

Wireless connectivity is becoming increasingly essential in daily life.  In other cases like maritime, aeronautical and defense applications, it is mission-critical.  To achieve unmatched connectivity, Phasor Solutions relies on power that can deliver extremely high current at very low voltage. Learn more.

WiBotic charging station

Driving the next generation of robotic autonomy

As robotic fleets reshape logistics and delivery there is demand for more efficient and flexible charging solutions to remove manual intervention and increase uptime. WiBotic provides wireless charging solutions that support the rapidly growing ecosystem of aerial, mobile, marine and industrial robots. Learn more. 

Ampaire hybrid electric plane

Powering air travel with environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency electric systems

With greater demand for reducing C02 Ampaire is transforming existing passenger planes with hybrid electric power.  This delivers a quieter, more energy-efficient experience that reduces fuel costs, maintenance and emissions. Learn more.


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